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Custom board orders


Why order a custom surfboard from Jay Surfboards? 


As a surfer myself for over 25 years, I recognise that every surfer has a different style and ability, and that no board feels the same.  My surfing knowledge combined with 15 years of shaping experience will enable me to guide you and help you understand which design of surf craft would best suit your surfing style, ability and the waves you ride.  I believe that getting a custom made surfboard is the best way to help you improve and progress, as it will be tailored to suit your needs.


To order a custom made board by Jay Surfboards, all you need to do is get in touch via email, text, phone, or better still make an appointment to come in for a chat about your custom surfboard with myself. I will ask you about your surfing ability, where you surf mostly, what boards you've surfed and are currently surfing, what you like about those boards and where you would like to take your surfing (either performance orientated, or just cruising and gliding down the line).

See below for the different types of custom surfboards I have previously made.   

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